Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jean bag

Today I decided to share a jean bag that I made.

I made this bag from a denim which was too small 4 me. This is the first sewing project I undertook. :) Had to go through a LOT of disasters, with 3 broken needles and the seam ripper becoming my new BFF. A great project to practice patience ;) So anyhow, love the way the bag turned out in the end!

Here are some tips if you are planning to make a jean bag.
  • Don’t be lazy to hand sew when necessary. Otherwise you’ll end up with a LOT of broken needles. And also, be sure to use a strong needle if you are too lazy to hand sew.
  • Choose a denim with a nice material. The material makes a big difference.
  • And there are lots of tutorials on youtube on making jean bags.Go through them before you start out.
                                                                      The front look

                                                                       The back look
  This is not the exact colour of the bag though. Its a bit lighter than this.

  You can also use some of your old belts to match your outfit. 

I also made a pencil case from the same denim. It didn’t turn out that good. (I’m not a professional in sewing.. Not yet anyway  ;)  ) Learnt a good lesson though. Always sew along the guide lines. Don’t  sew without any guide line to make sure you’re sewing straight, or the stitches will end up crooked. hehe..

Have fun making bags!!! :D


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